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About Us

We’re a group of Earth-conscious individuals who love to shine. We’d like to keep our planet sparkly for a long time to come, which means leaving it in a better condition than we found it. EarthShine's biodegradable, plant based glitter helps us #GlowLikeGaia while protecting our one and only Mother Nature.

About Our Glitter

Our glitter is made of plant cellulose from sustainably farmed, non-GMO plants like eucalyptus. It’s 100% biodegradable in marine water and down the drain. It's also compostable right at home! Our plant based glitter is vegan and we never test on animals. Our formula is FDA compliant and twice as soft as traditional glitter, so it’s safe for your face and body!

Looking great shouldn’t hurt the environment!


What’s wrong with traditional glitter?

Traditional glitter is made from small pieces of plastic known as microplastics. Whether being washed off in the shower or falling off at the party, these microplastics end up in our oceans, landfills, or on the ground, and they never truly decompose! This is bad news for the surrounding plant and wildlife.


What’s different about EarthShine?

EarthShine Glitter is made from sustainably farmed, non-GMO, hardwood species, like eucalyptus, creating a much better alternative to plastic! Our glitter is biodegradable in our oceans and down the drain. It’s also compostable, not only in an industrial setting, but in a more strict, home setting. It meets or exceeds both American and European standards for biodegradability and compostability.

American Certifications

ASTM 6400 - Industrial Compostability

ASTM D6691 - Marine Biodegradation

European Certifications

EN 13432 - Industrial Compostability

EN 14995 - Industrial Compostability

OK Compost HOME - Home Compostability

International Certifications

ISO 17088 - Industrial Compostability

ISO 15985 - Anaerobic Digestion


Will it break down before I can use it?

EarthShine Glitter is shelf stable and will not break down in it's container or on your skin. Biodegradation can only start once the glitter is exposed to micro-organisms within the soil or water it comes in contact with.


Is it safe for use on the body and face?

All of our glitter is FDA Cosmetic Compliant and twice as soft as traditional glitter. Even though it’s softer, you MUST be careful around your eyes! Glitter can be very sharp and damage your eyes and the surrounding area. Please leave a responsible buffer zone to prevent irritation from material or pigment. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.


How do I use your glitter?

We love applying glitter directly on top of the makeup or moisturizers we’re already using. We prefer using an all natural aloe gel when we're not wearing any other beauty products! Try adding EarthShine Glitter to your nails or in the part of your hair for added flair! Our glitter has been used at events ranging from New Years parties to Gender Reveals! If you can dream it, you can make it #GlowLikeGaia!